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Feb 04 Operators arrive in Papeete, French Polynesia
Feb 05 Operators fly to Mangareva and board "Braveheart" (already waiting in port). After clearing French Polynesia customs, we will depart as soon as practical, but this probably won't be until late afternoon.
Feb 06 - 09 Sail direct to Ducie Island. Weather and sea conditions permitting, we should be at the island early Saturday morning at sunrise.
Feb 09 - 11 Unload ship onto the island and construct camp and stations. NOTE: This is the most uncertain part of the schedule. We expect unloading and construction to take three full days under the BEST conditions (weather and sea conditions cooperating). With poor weather/sea, we many not be able to unload immediately... possibly waiting for many days. Most optimistic schedule: begin on-air operations around local midnight, Feb 11 Mon.
Feb 16 - 17 ARRL CW DX contest. Stations on CW will participate in the contest (but also accept CW QSOs from non-contesters).
Feb 23 - 24 Our second weekend on the air.
The end of radio operations and exit from the island will be governed by anticipated weather and sea conditions. If conditions are good, we will use the following schedule. If conditions are poor, we may need to end operations earlier in order to insure a timely return to Mangareva.
Feb 27 Begin tear down (good weather/sea schedule):
  • Remove antennas and operating positions at the west site (3 radios).
  • In afternoon remove high band antennas from east site.
  • Simplify RX beverage arrays to single-wire arrays.
  • Limited operations (4 stations) this night.
  • Pack and load as much material on "Braveheart" as possible.
Feb 28
  • Pack remainder of camp.
  • Load ship.
  • Depart Ducie Island not later than sunset.
Feb 28 - Mar 03 Sail to Mangareva. Depending on departure time and sea/weather conditions, perhaps we will have time to make a quick sightseeing landing on Henderson or Oeno atolls... but only under the best of conditions.
Mar 03 Arrive at Mangareva, clear customs. Operators sleep on board "Braveheart".
Mar 04 Begin air travel to home.
Mar 04 Mangareva - PPT
Mar 05 On the way back home
Mar 06 Back home