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Direct QSL cards

If you have to send your QSL card direct, we would like to ask you to follow these instructions:

  • Please mark VP6DX on the envelope (it's easier to sort QSLs then) and send it to:
Carsten Esch
Dorfstrasse 7
24235 Laboe
  • Non EU stations: send a SAE (Self Addressed Envelope) plus 3 US$ or 2 Euro or 1 valid IRC (Note: the exchange rate from the US$ to Euro is so low that we cannot cover return postage with only 2 US$)
  • EU stations: send a SAE (Self Addressed Envelope) plus 1 US$ or 1 Euro or 1 valid IRC
  • This postage allows us to send one letter with 20 grams = 1 QSL card + envelope
  • If the SAE and/or (not enough) postage is missing we will return via bureau.
  • If you were happy with our DXpedition and you got a new country or new bands/modes, we would be glad to receive some extra donation to cover our costs and this will also allow us to plan and finance our next DXpedition. Thank you!

Please remember that we can only accept the new valid IRCs for direct return. QSL cards sent with old IRCs will be answered via the bureau. As soon we start QSL'ing, we will confirm all your QSO's (without dupes). Don't worry! The QSL's will be sent in this order:

  • Online DIRECT QSL requests
  • Direct QSL requests
  • Online BUREAU QSL requests

Bureau QSL cards

There is no way to send your card(s) through the bureau!

We will confirm the online QSL requests for bureau cards at the very last after the direct requests are processed (probably 8-12 month after the expedition).

AGAIN: PLEASE DO NOT send cards via the bureau!