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Digital Modes

The goal of the VP6DX digital modes operation is to provide one digital mode contact with the largest number of DXers, giving these DXers credit for Digital DXCC purposes.

Because PSK rates are slower than RTTY rates, there will be no PSK operation.

RTTY rates are slower than CW or SSB. The demand for Ducie Island contacts on multiple bands for Five Band DXCC and DXCC Challenge credit is very high.

There is no Five Band Digital DXCC award. For these three reasons, RTTY operation will be limited to the bands with the best signals and longest openings to each region of the world: 30m and 20m.

RTTY operation is not planned for any other band.

RTTY operations will begin on the first day. We expect that 50% of contacts made on 30m will be RTTY and at least 10% of contacts on 20m will be RTTY.