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Contest Operation
ARRL CW contest

There will be no 160m or 40m SSB operations while the band is open to North America

There will be no RTTY operations on 20m while the band is open to North America (basically, all the time).

Some of our stations will be on the contest CW bands, in accordance with our overall goals of reaching band, mode, and geographical balance. They will probably operate simplex, according to the best judgment of the operator on duty as to how to maximize rate. We will operate above 3525, 7025, 14025, and 21025 kHz so as to permit all USA licensees to attempt to work us. The transmit frequency will be chosen by the operator on duty in accordance with prevailing contest conditions.

During the contest period, on the contest subbands, we won't ask North America callers to QRX for other parts of the world. We will work any caller: USA, Canada, or anywhere else in the world. For USA/Canada stations on the contest bands, we will give a contest exchange.

Since we are not trying to maximize contest score, we won't be hunting multipliers and we will not accept "passing" requests.

CQ 160m SSB contest

During our second weekend on Ducie, the CQ 160m SSB contest will be in operation. We hope to take advantage of the extra activity to expand our 160m SSB QSO total.

We will participate in the CQ 160m contest, giving a contest exchange and should be on SSB on 160m during that 48 hour period.

The operator on duty may operate simple or split, according to his judgment as to which is most effect. The transmit frequency probably won't be our "standard" frequency, but chosen by the operator according to prevailing conditions. The operator may ask North America to QRX for other regions with propagation to VP6D.

Since we are not trying to maximize contest score, we won't be hunting multipliers. We will be multi-op class.