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160m Operations

The goal of the VP6DX 160m operation is to provide DXCC credit for the largest number of DXers. When conditions permit SSB contacts (lower noise levels, stronger signals), conditions also permit contacts with many weaker stations on CW who would not otherwise be able to contact us.

Therefore, 160m SSB operations will be limited as follows:

SSB operations will begin at the start of each clock hour, but only if fewer than 5 QSOS were worked on CW during the previous 10 minutes. SSB operations will continue for 30 minutes, or until the rate falls below 10 contacts in 10 minutes, whichever occurs first.

Reminder: There will be no RTTY or PSK operation on 160m.

Reminder: When 160m is open to Europe, stations in North and South America are asked to QRX. European signals on 160m are much weaker (especially for eastern Europe) and the band will close to Europe a little after 0800z. We do not plan to start working the Americas until after 0800z. After 0800z, we must balance operating time between North America and Asia until the band closes for us.

During our second weekend on Ducie, the CQ 160m SSB contest will be in operation. We hope to take advantage of the extra activity to expand our 160m SSB QSO total.

We will participate in the CQ 160m contest, giving a contest exchange and should be on SSB on 160m during that 48 hour period.