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... QSL card design ...
... QSL processing status ...
... Donors without callsigns in the database ...
... Instructions for donors who have made an on-line QSL request, but have not received LOTW credit ...
... List of donors without callsigns as of 2008 June 16 Monday ...

1. QSL card design

An earlier press release stated that we expected QSL cards to enter the postal system in mid-April. We must apologize for failing to meet that deadline.

Our printer offered us an opportunity to send an extraordinary QSL card. The direct-mail "card" will be a 36-page booklet, sponsored by the QSL-Shop and Knut Theurich DG0ZB (http://qslshop.com). This booklet has the same dimensions as a QSL card, and contains over 80 color photos and maps. The text includes information about the major sponsors, Ducie Island history, and the VP6DX project. With a thickness of 1mm, the VP6DX QSL will fit in standard QSL card display holders.

Not surprisingly, it takes much more time to design and prepare for printing a 36-page booklet than a standard QSL card. We submitted the complete draft of the card design to the printer on May 14. During the next several weeks we worked together with the printer to resolve technical layout issues and to proofread the final design. The final proof was approved on June 6 and printing of 20,000 cards began on June 9. Last Friday June 13 more than 500 kg (1100 lb) of cards were shipped to the QSL team which should arrive around the end of this week.

We hope you will find this special card worth the additional waiting time. As you will read below, the QSL team has been using this time to complete other tasks for card preparation.

Note: Because QSL bureaus are not equipped to handle a booklet, VP6DX QSLs delivered via the bureau will use a normal card with color photographs.

2. QSL processing status

Over a dozen volunteers in Germany and USA form the QSL processing team.

In order to process the largest number of QSL requests in the shortest period of time, QSL requests are prioritized in groups. Several factors determine the priority of each request group:
  • QSL requests for QSOs that match the VP6DX log exactly have priority over requests that require manual research. Manual research for busted calls is a time-consuming activity that can only begin after the owner of the logged callsign has been given time to request his QSL.
  • QSL requests submitted on-line through the website have priority over requests receive via postal mail. On-line QSL requests can be handled more quickly; the time-consuming steps of opening envelopes, entering QSO data, and checking for errors — all of which must be done by a QSL team volunteer – are eliminated when the DXer uses the on-line QSL request form on the VP6DX website. In comparison, on-line requests require no manual data entry by QSL team volunteers. To submit a request on-line, go to http://ducie2008.dl1mgb.com/oqrs/index.php.
  • When sending confirmations, we transmit LOTW confirmations first as this is the fastest way for a DXer to receive DXCC credit. Next we prepare direct-mail QSLs. Bureau cards, the least time-critical, have lower priority.
  • Requests from donors have priority over requests from non-donors. Everyone who requests a QSL will receive both a card and a LOTW confirmation.
The group definitions and order of processing are:
  • Group A1: LOTW confirmations for on-line QSL requests from donors
  • Group A2: QSL cards for on-line QSL requests from donors.
  • Group B: QSL cards and LOTW confirmations for postal requests from donors.
  • Group C: QSL cards and LOTW confirmations for on-line QSL requests from non-donors.
  • Group D: QSL cards and LOTW confirmations for postal requests from non-donors with SASE or equivalent.
  • Group E: QSL cards and LOTW confirmations for postal requests from non-donors without SASE or equivalent.
  • Group X: QSL requests that do not match the log.

SWL requests will be handled in the same group as a corresponding amateur radio operator QSL requests. In order to preserve the integrity of the SWL confirmation, an SWL request must include data for at least two consecutive QSOs heard on the same band and mode. SWL requests should be entered in the on-line QSL request form on the website by putting the data in the “comments” field.

Current status as of 2008 June 16 Monday 1425Z:
A173,805 QSOS; 4,640 callsComplete through June 9 Mon.1, 4
A2about 4,5001, 2
Babout 3,2003
Cabout 4,5005
Dabout 2,2006
Eabout 3,1005
Xless than 1007

Note 1: 1,086 additional donors have not provided their callsigns; see the list at the end of this press release. We cannot process their QSL request without their callsign. If you are on this list of missing callsigns, please send us your callsign via the "Contact Us" menu option on the left side of the VP6DX website: http://ducie2008.dl1mgb.com/contactus/index.php.

Note 2: Requests will be processed in Germany as soon as the cards arrive from the printer. Labels and envelopes are ready. After preparation, cards for North American stations will be bulk-shipped by air to the USA for mailing direct to the DXer. Cards for the rest of the world will be mailed direct to the DXer from Germany.

Note 3: As these requests are entered into the database, LOTW credits will be uploaded to the ARRL server during the weekly upload. In parallel, direct-mail QSL cards will be prepared. After preparation, cards for North American stations will be bulk-shipped by air to the USA for mailing direct to the DXer. Cards for the rest of the world will be mailed direct to the DXer from Germany.

Note 4: If you are a donor and made an on-line QSL request before 2008 Jun 09 Monday 1800Z, and your LOTW confirmation is not present on the ARRL server, please see instructions below.

Note 5: As these requests are entered into the database, LOTW credits will be uploaded to the ARRL server during the weekly upload. The QSL cards for these requests will be delivered via the bureau.

Note 6: As these requests are entered into the database, LOTW credits will be uploaded to the ARRL server during the weekly upload. Cards for North American stations will be bulk-shipped by air to the USA for mailing direct to the DXer. Cards for the rest of the world will be mailed direct to the DXer from Germany.

Note 7: If a logging error at VP6DX is discovered, a QSL card will be mailed direct to the DXer and LOTW credits will be uploaded to the ARRL server during the weekly upload.

3. Donors without callsigns in the database

Before April, over 1000 DXers made on-line donations without providing their callsign. In almost all cases, this occurred when the donation was made via PayPal. To add to the confusion, some of these PayPal donations were made using business accounts. In late March an improvement to the website was made to avoid this problem for subsequent requests.

We apologize for not anticipating this problem, and want to properly acknowledge every donor on our website. And, without a callsign, QSL requests from these donors will not be prioritized correctly.

Please check the list of names attached below. If your name (or business) is listed, please send us your callsign via the "Contact Us" menu option on the left side of the VP6DX website: http://ducie2008.dl1mgb.com/contactus/index.php. Thank you!

4. Instructions for donors who have made an on-line QSL request, but have not received LOTW credit
If you are:
  • a donor, and
  • have made an on-line QSL request via the website, and
  • your LOTW credit(s) does not appear on the ARRL LOTW server today
then please follow these steps:
  1. Check that your callsign is recorded together with your name as a donor on the VP6DX website: ducie2008.dl1mgb.com/sponsors/index.php. Donor names (or businesses) with no callsigns are listed below. If you are on this list of names without callsigns, please send us your name and callsign via the "Contact Us" menu option on the left side of the VP6DX website: http://ducie2008.dl1mgb.com/contactus/index.php.
  2. If:
    • You have submitted on-line requests for confirmation of more than one QSO, and’
    • Some QSOs are confirmed in the ARRL LOTW server but others are not confirmed;
    then your non-confirmed QSOs do not match the VP6DX log. Your non-confirmed QSOs will be researched manually later. You do not need to take any further action now.
  3. If none of your on-line requests have been confirmed on the ARRL LOTW server, please check that your on-line request is in the database. Go to the website's on-line QSL request page http://ducie2008.dl1mgb.com/oqrs/index.php and enter your callsign. A list of all QSOs that you requested in the past will appear in your browser. If your desired QSO is not listed in this database, then follow the instructions on the webpage to complete the on-line request form for the additional QSO(s). Your additional QSOs, if matched in the VP6DX log, will be uploaded to the ARRL LOTW server during the next weekly upload.
  4. If (1), (2), or (3) does not apply, please send us a note via the "Contact Us" menu option on the left side of the VP6DX website: http://ducie2008.dl1mgb.com/contactus/index.php.
5. List of donors without callsigns as of 2008 June 16 Monday
All American Electric
AllData EDV-Systeme
B & B Technical Services
Computronica sas
DEAK Technologies, Inc.
Fraser Bonnett Enterprises
George E. Marzloff, P.L.C.
HPK Consulting
Jarvis Metal Works
Jet Safety
Lin.gner ?
Martek Radio, LLC
Maximum PC
Middlesex Detector Sales
Pamlico Sounds
Shultz Electronics
Southwest-Technology Inc.
Working Class Engineer Books

Abbott, Ralph
Ackley, John
Adams, Jon
Adsit, David
Aiello, Frank
Aldrich, Douglas
Alexander, Norman
Alfeo, Caputo
Alvarellos, Luis Alberto Perez
Ambrosi, Pietro Mario
Anascavage, Michael
Anciaux, Louis N
Anderson, Barry
Anderson, Craig
Anderson, John
Anderson, Richard
Andersson, Rolf
Andrews, Mark
Antonopoulos, George
Arber, Arthur
Ark, Bjorn-Hugo
Armbruster, John
Arredondo, Frank
Asami, Takashi
Asano, Saburo
Ashley, I T
Ashworth, Wayne
Atkins, Christopher
Austin, Michael
Auth, Thomas
Avers, Carl
Azar, Paul
Babb, Michael
Bagshaw, Marilyn
Bailey, Cameron
Bailor, Rick
Baker, Lynn
Baker, Michael
Baker, Robert O
Balentine, Eugenie
Balsera, Oscar Bordallo
Baraldi, Claudio
Barber, J F
Barbrey, Howard
Barbrey, Thomas
Barnes, Oral
Barth, Lois
Barton, James
Bastone, Robert
Bauder, Lisa
Bavoso, Michael
Baxter, Darrel
Baxter, James
Baxter, Matthew
Bazley, John
Beck, Reg
Beckett, Malcolm
Bedford, Lori
Begley, William
Belardia, Albert
Bell, Gerald
Bell, Michael
Bellemer, Patrick
Bellengi, Mario
Bender, Douglas
Benedict, Robert
Benitez, Raymond
Bennett, Jeffrey
Berg, Herman van den
Beringer, Paul
Bieberle, Michael D
Bielawski, John
Bigley, John
Bill, Michael
Bingham, Leo
Birch, Alan
Biron, Armand
Bizon, David
Black, Joseph
Black, Michael
Bliss, Ralph
Bloomquist, Marvin
Bohrer, Mark
Bonafede, Roberto
Bond, Mike
Bondarev, Mikhail
Bonnet, David
Bordett, Walter
Boulianne, Pierre
Boze, William
Bradford, Smith
Brady, Frank
Brainard, Robert
Bramhall, Ron
Brandenburg, David
Brannas, Kurt
Brasy, Olivier
Bratton, Timothy
Bravo, Victor
Brennan, Robert
Breugelmans, J C P
Breur, G
Briata, Roberto
Briggman, Terry
Brocaw, Richard
Brommer, Clifford
Brooks, Albert
Broughton, Richard
Brown, James
Brown, Philip
Brown, Robert
Bryce, Ben
Buccarello, Ben
Buchta, Thomas
Buck, Craig
Buckley, Fannie
Buono, Vincent
Burghardt, Laurie
Burnett, G D
Burroughs, Richard
Buscemi, James
Busch, Johann
Bush, William
Buttolph, John
Butz, Bertin
Byers, James
Caesar, Steven A
Calbe, Rocco
Cammarota, Antonio
Campbell, Glenn
Camron, Robert
Carlsen, Guy K
Carlsson, Goran
Carnevale, Luigi Maria
Carnley, Richard
Carr, George
Carrick, Donald
Carroll, Robert
Casalino, Antonio
Casanova Sr, Travis G
Catucci, Vittorio
Cervo, Gary
Chaggaris, James
Chamberlain, Michael
Chambers, Richard
Chandler, Parker
Chandler, Paul
Chaney, Alton
Charron, Catherine
Chase, Todd M
Chatterton, Don
Chenoweth, Lee
Choulos, Christopher
Church, Daniel
Ciezniak, Paul
Cleeton, Gil
Clemenson, Dennis
Clements, David
Cline, Ben
Cluett, James
Coetzee, Raoul
Cohen, Shalom
Colborne, Gary
Collings, Simon
Colouch, Joseph
Comer Jr, Jacques
Cominos, Nick
Conrad, Stephen
Conte, Michael
Conti, Lodovico
Cook, Terry
Cooke, Willis
Copping, Russ W
Corey, Michael
Corey, Walter
Corti, Mattia Daniele
Costa, Aurelio C A
Cottrell, Geoffrey
Cowan, James
Cowcher, Laurie
Cowell, Bradford
Cox, James
Cox, Michael
Cox, Mickey
Crabtree, Edward
Crandall, Charles
Crawford, Thomas
Crowther, Bill
Csinger, Andrew
Cudia, Stanley
Curioni, Mauro Gabriele
Curran, James
Curry, John
Cutter, Bob
Dabish, Mark
Dahlgren, Shirley
Dale, Robert
Dallison, Russell
D'Amora, Vittorio
Daniel, Audigay
Darnell, Richard
Darwicki, Richard
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Daukantas, Frederick
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Davis, Alva
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Davis, Dean
Davis, Jerry
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De Pazos, Angel Arturo Padin
DeBord, Mark
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DeMarco, Robert
Dennison, Robert
Dent, P W
Desloovere, Dirk
DeSmith, William
DeYoung, Edward WRH
Di Giovanni, Cristofaro Sante
Di Michele, Francesco
Dias, Scott
Diddams, Richard
Dillahunty, Terry
Dilley, Alfred
Dillon Jr, Robert E
Dillon, Jeff
Dober, Gregory J
Dobkins, Jim
Dobson, Raymond
D'Onofrio, Alessandro
Donoghue, Max
Dorchuck, Robert
Doty, Archibald
Douglas, James
Dowd, Frank
Drake, Dale
Drew, David
Dundas, John
Dye, Jessica
Ellison, Bobby
Elrich, Don
Embroidery, Dstitch
Enrico, Oliva
Enrique, Gutierrez
Erbe, Jim
Erwin, Brett
Eshleman, Alan
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Farkaly, Robert
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Farr, Thomas A
Farver, Kenneth
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Fazekas, Julius
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Feder, Yves
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Ferrara, Joseph
Ferrara, Judy
Ferrell, Wesley A
Ferrick, Don
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Ferry, William
Fetterly, Robert
Fienhold, Edwin
Finfrock, Heath
Fink, William
Finkle, Philip
Fishman, Janice
Flaherty, William
Fletcher, Barry
Floyd, Charles
Flynn, John
Forbes, Ross
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Franco, David
Franklin, Hilary
Freeland, William
Freeman, Douglas
French, Lenwood
Frescura, Cliff
Fries, William
Fritsch, Alfred
Frost, Melvin
Fry, Leo
Furfari, James
Fuseler, David
Fussell, Larry
Gable, Edward
Gabriel, William
Galloway, Frederick
Galster, Hans Peter
Garcia, Michael
Garpestad, Ole
Garren, Richard
Gauthier, Thierry
Gaynard, John
Gedville, James
Gehrke, Kevin
Gehrke, Tiny
Gendle, David
George, Anthony
George, Barry R
German, Fred
German, Ron
Geurtsen, Rob
Gibbs, Chris
Gibbs, Timothy
Giger, Ruedi
Giguere, Gerald R
Gil, Francisco
Gilbert, Paul
Givens, David
Glascock, John
Goerlich, Steffen
Goldbeck, Olaf
Goldman, Darryl
González, Carlos
Gonzalez, Fernando
Gori, Paolo
Goss, Ed
Gottschalk Jr, Robert B
Graeper, Wilfried
Graham, Michael
Granick, Melvin
Granly, Knut
Grant, Daryl
Gravning, Willis
Green, Bill
Green, Charles
Green, Dyke
Green, Richard
Greenberg, Larry
Greuter, Michael
Griffin, Elbert
Griffin, James
Griggs, James
Grimm, John
Groce, Fred
Grogg, Gary W
Gross, Herman
Grove, John C
Guerin, George A
Guest, Michael
Guidry, Russell
Guimber, Jean
Gunckel, Timothy A
Gunderson, John
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Habermehl, Robert
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Halliburton, Mark
Hallmark, Linda
Hallmark, Marion
Hamilton, David
Hamman, Harold
Hampton, David
Haney, David
Hanks, Nick
Hannahs, John
Hannigan, Mick
Hansen, Andre
Hansen, Gary
Harang, Michael
Harbers, Dalton
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Hardie, Bob
Harlem, George
Harlow, Carol
Harnar, Gary
Harp, H Alan
Harrington, Bob
Harris, Wayne
Harrison, Henry
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Hart, Stephen
Hartley, John
Harwood, Malcolm
Hasebe, Tatsumi
Hastings, Michael
Hatfield, Fred
Hattori, Nobuhisa
Hawkesford, Neil
Heide, Josh
Heilsnis, Walter
Heim, Hans
Heitman, Les
Helton, Gary G
Henderson, Edward
Hensel, Ron A
Hensley, Alan
Hewitt, Michael
Heywood, Brian
Hickey, Roger
Hidalgo, Juan Cristobal Encinas
Higgins, Mark
Hill, Joseph
Hill, Raymond
Hilyerd, William
Hines, Tonie
Hirth, John S
Hockey, Alan
Hoehne, Gary
Hoffman, Roger
Holanda, Ladislav
Holderread, Barry
Hollis, Robert
Holloway, James
Holman, Forrest
Holous, Libor
Holt, Edmund
Holtman, Dyke
Hood, Joseph
Hooker, Harrison
Hoppe, Patrick
Horie, Toshimi
Hotchkiss, John
Howard, Robert
Hoy, Timothy
Huffman, John
Hughes, James
Hulett, Russell
Hunt, George
Hunt, James
Hunter, Frank
Hutcheson, Joseph
Huyck, Johannah
Hyman, Mike
Iezzi, Ernest
Illmer, Eberhard
Ishida, Nobukazu
Ishikawa, Hisataka
Istvanovic, Davorin
Ivancevic, Jadranko
Jackson, Richard
Jacobson, Kevin
Jacobus, Michael
Janeiro, Jose
Jarl, Kjell
Jenkins, Thomas
Jewett, Bruce
Jimnez, J Pablo Garcia
Johnson, David
Johnson, M Ray
Johnson, Mary Beth
Johnson, Ray
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Roger
Johnson, Sandra
Jolly, James
Jolly, John S
Jones, Joan
Jones, Roger
Jordan, Les
Joseph, David
Joyce, Richard A
Jukes, Scott
Juklerd, Nils
Juklerød, Nils
Jun, Jiri
Junkin, Bruce
Kaleta, Andrzej
Kallstrom, Michael
Kaneko, Koichi
Kapischke, Louis
Karl, Edwin
Karlovich, Jerry
Karuch, Robert
Kashdin, Dick
Kassebaum, F W
Kauten, James
Kazancioglu, Tevfik Aydin
Kean, Victor
Kelley jr, Edward J
Kelley, Paul
Kelley, Robert
Kelly, George
Kelly, Michael
Kelly, Paul
Kelly, Richard
Kendrick, William
Kennedy, George
Kenny, Thomas
Kile, Richard
Kile, Robert
Kinard, Lee
King, Frank
Kinuya, Seigo
Kirkham, John
Kitching, Cy
Kiyokazu, Kawase
Klein, Nancy
Klemm, Jerry
Kline, Dr Jon A
Kloss, John
Klotz, Leigh
Klukan, Ronald
Knapp, John
Koepsell, Kilian
Kohei, Enomoto
Kohnke, James
Koning, Theo
Kontor, Kenneth
Kosoff, Mitchel
Kracke, George
Krauss, David
Krenn, Reed
Kreth, Timothy
Krieg, Gerald
Kulev, Sergey
Kurtz, David
Kuykendall, Randy
Lakatosh, Gabriel
LaMarche, Philip
Landman, Paul
Lang, Roland
Lanza, John
Lappi, Edwin R
Larsen, Karl-Gustav
Larsen, Kenneth A
Larsson, Gasta
Lastrucci, Leonardo
Latawiec, Chester
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Latta, Daniel
Laughery, Edward
Lauwers, Eric
Law, Michael
Lawrence, Elliott
Lawson, Kenneth
Laytos, Mark
Lebron, Tomas
LeDuc, David
Lee, Ashton
Lee, David
Lee, George
Lee, Soogil
Leitch, Larry
Lemke, Ken
Lemke, Richard
Leone, Roger
Levites, George
Lewis, Thomas
L'Homme, Pierre
Liller, Mike
Lindberg, Bengt
Lindley, Jesse
Livesay, Marcel
Londoño, Francisco Hennessey
Long, James
Lopez, Jesus Munoz
Loschiavo, John
Lotenero, Ray
Lovell, Bryon
Lovera, Jaime
Lovesky, John
Lovin, Richard
Lube, John
Luhrman, Mark
Lukins, Mark
Lumpkins, Karl
Lund, David
Lutz, Hartmann
MacDonnell, Iain
Mackey Sr, Reginald J
Madline, George
Magnuson, Cynthia
Maguin, Luis Fernando
Major, Nancy
Makler, Harry
Makoski, Larry
Malfi, Karim
Malinowski, Joseph
Malloy, Joseph
Maloney, John
Marcal, Miguel
Marco, Gregg
Margolis, Laurence
Marlow, Michael
Marrotte, Roger
Marsh Jr, George A
Marsh, Ian
Marstein, Thomas
Marston, David
Martin, Erik Jeff
Martin, Tandy
Martin, Thomas
Martinez, Raul Bustos
Marundee, Paul
Masami, Yamada
Matschke, Roger
Mauro, Gregory
Maynard, Brian
McCarthy, John
McCollum, Larrie
McCulley, Emmett l
McDonald, David
McDonald, Harold
McDuff, Douglas
McGirr, Michael
McGonigle, Christopher
McGuiness, Alan
McKinney, Ben
McLeod, Robert
Mcmullen, Scott
McQueen, David
Mefford, Thomas
Meier, Pete
Meighan III, Joe
Meinen, Gert
Meixner, Richard
Melinosky, Theodore
Mellish, Markham
Mendenhall, Geoffrey
Mendoza, Rafael Meneses
Mennell, Robert
Mester, Michael
Meyer, Norman
Meyer, Scott
Meyers, Kenneth
Mikes, Donald
Mikeska, Nelson
Mikulski, Richard
Militano, Joseph
Millar, Douglas
Millendorf, David
Miller, Charles
Miller, David
Miller, Frank
Miller, John
Miller, Lowell
Miller, Mike
Milligan, William
Mills, Henry D
Misenheimer, David
Mitchell, John
Molinari, Guy
Monahan, Jim
Moore Jr, Alfred T
Moore, David
Moore, Ellen
Moore, John
Moore, Michael
Moore, Peter
Moore, Robert
Morea, William
Moreschi, Nathan
Moretti, Skip
Morgan, Trevor
Morgan, Wilse
Morris, Robert
Moss, Carl
Moss, Charles
Motoo, Ueda
Moucha, Milo
Mueller, Helmut
Munden, Dennis
Munger, Lois
Munro, Norman
Murphy, Joseph
Murphy, Kieron
Murphy, Otis
Muscanere, Joe
Myers, Timothy
Myhre, Knut
Mynes, Ernest
Myovich, Mach
Myrick, Tom
Nadolny, Robert
Nail, James
Nason, John
Navarro, Juan Manuel Domenech
Neal, Jack
Nebot, Juan Luis Pla
Nelson, Robert
Nelson, Ron
Nemecek, Edward
Neron, Darrell
Neuman, Paul
Neupert, Larry
Newberry, Paul
Nichols, Loren
Nicholson, Joseph
Nijdam, Cornelis
Nikolic, Brigitte
Niswonger, Charles
Nixon, Christie
Noller, Kenneth
Norcross, David
Nordenstroem, Svante
Nunan, Gerald
Occhipinti, Peter
O'Connor, Ronald
Odette, Norman
Ogawa, Yuuichi
Ogonovszky, Ernö
Olitsky, Scott
Olives, Pedro
Olson, Richard
Osamu, Mizumura
Osborne, James
Osborne, Lawrence
Ota, Yasuo
Otaka, Shun
Overton, George
Owen, James
Padgett, James
Panagiotou, Victoria
Pandolfo, Fabio
Pankey, Robert
Parker, Jack
Parry, William
Pas, Lyle Ten
Pascal, Grandjean
Paul, Alejandro
Paul, Jean Marie
Paulson, Barbara
Peacock, Richard
Peake, Philip
Peay, Daniel
Pecore, Arlington
Peeters, Louis
Pegorini, Alvaro Giuseppe
Pennington, Charles
Peralta, Julio
Perez, Jose Maria Sobrino
Perez, Omar I
Perkins, Frederick
Perriard, Sebastien
Perrin, Mark
Perry, Dennis
Peters, Art
Petrides, George
Pettibone, Timothy
Pfeuffer, Michael
Pfirman, James
Phillipp, John
Phillips, Lanny
Phillips, Robert
Phillips, Scott F
Philstrom, Richard
Pichlik, Russell
Piedfort, Robert
Pike, Russell
Pimpolari, Marco
Pinsky, Harold
Plumidakis, Nick
Pollack, Ron
Pond, Daniel
Pooley, Richard
Porter, Richard
Ports, Michael
Posey, Terry
Priddy, Nathern
Profita Jr, John W
Propper, David
Pugatch, David
Pulvermacher, William
Quennet, Nicolas
Quinn, Wesley
Raawe, Richard
Raisler, James
Randall, Jerry
Raskin, Michael
Rasmussen, Ole
Rass, Willibald
Real, Ronald
Rebelo, Luis
Rector, Daniel
Reichlyn, Stephen
Reik, Louis
Reisewitz, Bernhard
Reising, Kenneth
Renfer, Robert
Reynolds, Clive
Reynolds, Frank
Rhinehart, William
Richards, James
Riedel, James
Riesch, Douglas
Rijlaarsdam, Pim
Rinehimer, Rick
Rivera, Jorge
Robbins, Gene
Robbins, Jan
Roberson, Steven
Robert, Francis
Roberts, Brian Roberts
Roberts, James
Roberts, Philip
Roby, Joseph
Roesler, Thomas
Roithmeir, Lionel
Romano, Bersani
Roper, Greg
Rose, T M
Rosier, Robert
Rosinha, Donald
Ross, Gregory
Rowe, Neil
Ruzicka, Michael
Ryzinski, Dorothy
Saba, Ted
Sacco Jr, Stephan J
Sagen, Ed
Saito, Kunihiro
Sakemiller, Barry
Salhoff, Kenneth
Sanchez, Lorenzo Morillas
Sanders, Joseph J
Sanderson, R J
Sanford, Dennis
Sarti, Simone
Schaps, Robert
Scharff, Marjie
Schavee, Kevin
Scheffen, Noel
Schliesser, Donald L
Schmidt, Gary R
Schmidt, Otto
Schneider, John
Schnurr, James
Scholz, Bodo
Schulmeister, Dennis
Schulte, Karl
Schultz, Michael
Schwantes, Bill
Schwartz, Robert
Schwartz, William
Schwarz, Wolfram
Schwinge, Jim
Schwinn, Thomas
Scoble, Richard
Scott, Albert
Scott, Bill
Scott, Don
Sellers, Henry
Semones, David
Seya, Toshiaki
Seyfarth, Robert
Sharkey, Reg L
Shaw, Mark
Sheffield, John
Shepherd, Johnny
Sherer, Howard
Sherman, Robert
Shields, Michael
Shimamoto, Masataka
Shimamoto, Tadahiro
Shinichi, Ito
Shrader, Ian
Shryne, James
Shuji, Kanai
Shumake, John
Silanto, Jaakko
Silberman, John
Silva, Paulo
Simonton, Ralph
Sinclair, Donn
Sinko, Linda R
Sloane, Christopher
Sluymer, John
Smigo, Joseph
Smith, David
Smith, James
Smith, Lyndon
Smith, Myrlen
Smith, Verne
Smith, William
Smothers, Steve
Sneden, Tom
Snee, John
Sonnenblick, Steve
Soomets, Toomas
Soutar, Jock
Souza, Jose
Sparling, Richard
Spatz, Stuart
Speer, Douglas
Spence, Gary
Spencer, William
Spidle, Jeffrey
Spiegel, Ted
Spindor, Brian
Stafford, Christopher
Stark, Steven
Stavish, Tom
Steed, J E
Stefanini, Rolando
Steffey, William
Steinberg, Ulrich H
Steinfeld, Allan
Stewart, Dennis
Stewart, Robert
Stewart, William
Stilwell, Steve
Stolberg, Robert
Stone, Gary
Stone, Jay
Stough, Michael
Stovel, Laird
Stover, Charles
Stradella, Giuseppe
Strandberg, Jeff
Streeb, David
Street, Daniel
Stubbs, Leslie
Stull, Dwight
Sturpe, Paul
Styles, Reginald
Suchernick, John
Suhar, Michael
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Swafford, Byron Joe
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Tagami, Akio
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Talaga, Robert
Tanaka, Toshihiko
Tanner, Alan
Taris, Charles
Tarone, Bob
Taylor Jr, Charles
Taylor, John
Tendler, Robert
Teres, Puig-Gatell-Maria
Tharrington, Ricky
Theis, Philip
Thierbach, Edward
Thomas, Bryon
Thomas, Mike
Thomas, Nancy
Thompson, John
Thompson, Ray L
Thompson, Richard
Thompson, Roger
Thorne, Glenn
Tibor, N
Tinker, Matt
Toce, Andy
Todd, Ronald
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Tomlinson, Gordon
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Torgerson, Richard
Tossani, Giovanni
Towle, David
Towle, Stephen L
Toyohiko, Yoshida
Tramba, Norman
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Trewin, David
Trostle, Theodore
Trush, Paul
Tsuzuki, Koji
Tuck, Gary
Turgoose, John
Turnbull, Douglas N
Tyson, Anthony
Tyson, Mark
Uchida, Haruhisa
Umeda, Kazuhide
Ungar, David
Vaartjes, Koen
Vadney, David
Vallee, Alfred La
van Beek, GGAM
VanBuskirk, Thomas
Vargas, John
Vickers III, Thomas
Villani, Leonardo
Villone, Ken
Vincent, Robert
Vinson, Glenn
Virag, Tamas
Vogeli, Hans-Jurg
Volstad, Mark
Wackerman, Charles
Waitt, Terence
Walker, Norman L
Walker, Val
Walters, Michael
Wantz, William
Ward, Allen C
Ward, Melody
Ward, Randy
Wasko, Charles
Watanabe, Shinichi
Waxham, Frank
Weathersby, Scott M
Wedemeijer, Aart
Weinbörner, Klaus-Peter
Wennstrom, Eric
Wessels, Sebastian
West, Louis
Westenberg, Albert
Westover, Douglas
Wheeler, JW
Whicker, Stanley D
White, J
White, John
Whitman, Wayne
Whitsitt, Roland
Whittemore, Barry
Wi, Sung-Nyu
Wiehe, Bill
Wiemer, Frank
Wight, Dennis
Wilborg, Richard
Wilcox, Brad
Wiley, John
Wilkinson, Harold
Williams, George
Williamson, Ronald L
Wilson, Bradford
Wilson, Jeff
Wilson, Kelly
Wilson, Russell
Wilson, Walter
Wilson, Woodrow
Wing, Randall
Witkowski, David
Witucki, David
Wolcott, Charles
Woloskie, George
Wood, Brian
Woods, Cecil
Woods, George
Wortmann, Achim
Wright, Michael
Wright, Thomas
Wright, Willard
Wruble, Brian
Yeager, Jeffrey
Yochelson, Saul
Yoshimatsu, Sosuke
Young, Ronald
Young, Shirley
Young, William
Yule, Donald
Yule, Willis
Zavrel, Robert J
Zeug, Michael
Ziegelshiffer, Joseph
Zielinski, Laurence
Zminda, Phillip
Zysset, Edgar

We would be delighted if DX editors would publish this information as widely as possible and DXers bring it to the attention of their clubs and fellow DXers.

News #27- 2008 Apr 03

... Website additions ... Sponsors and LOTW updates ... QSL card status ... /MM-operations ...

News #26- 2008 Mar 10

... Answering questions about QSLs and LOTW credits ... missing QSOs ... other questions answered ...

News #25- 2008 Mar 03

... M/V Braveheart anchors at Mangareva in Rikitea harbor ... Radio operators hike the hills ... First dinner ashore ...

News #24- 2008 Mar 01

... Operator team continues homeward journey ... High volume of inquiries about, and corrections to, donations ...

News #23- 2008 Feb 29

... On-air operating phase of expedition ends ... Equipment packed and transfered to M/V Braveheart ... Everyone transferred from shore to ship ... Equipment stowed ... M/V Braveheart departs ...

News #22- 2008 Feb 26

... First LOTW credits for VP6DX contacts on ARRL server ... Station and camp disassembly begins ... One more record claimed ...

News #21- 2008 Feb 25

... Fireworks at Ducie Island ... VP6DX breaks record for largest number of contacts on an expedition ... Other band and mode contact records also broken ... Pileups remain large ... Long path contacts made on 160m band with Ducie Island ... Description of stations ... New Pictures online ...

News #20- 2008 Feb 24

... Final days of expeditions ... Outline of teardown and departure schedule ...

News #19- 2008 Feb 19

... 160m contact made with opposite side of the planet ... 104,900 contacts and climbing ... QSO Statistics ... 17m RTTY operations started ... 30m RTTY frequency adjustment ... 6m beacon now on the air long path contacts made with Finland, European Russia on the 80m band ... possibilities for 160m? ... North American 160m schedule ...

News #18- 2008 Feb 19

.. Special Request for Europe ... Special Request for DXers worldwide ... 160m SSB operation ... Split operation for restricted licenses ... Server errors ...

News #17- 2008 Feb 16

... News from the island ... Pictures ... 6m Operation ... Donations list on the website ... Your QSO is not in the online log?

News #16- 2008 Feb 15

... News from the island ... Comparison 80m CW / 75m SSB ... Online Log Update ... QSO Statistics available ...

News #15- 2008 Feb 14

...First messages from the island ... Online Log available! ... Frequency adjustments ...

News #14- 2008 Feb 13

...First phone call with VP6DX...

News #13- 2008 Feb 11

... VP6DX is QRV ... Online Log ... Looking for sound files ...

News #12- 2008 Feb 7

Braveheart left Mangareva in time ... Only 100 miles away from Ducie Island on Friday morning

News #11- 2008 Feb 4

Highlights:... Full operator team meets in Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia ... Only one suitcase missing ... Busy Monday ... Early flight Tuesday ... Frequency adjustments ... New Pictures ...

News #10- 2008 Feb 3

Highlights:... Operators traveling ... Braveheart arrives at Mangareva Atoll ... Need information from Europe about 3784 kHz ...

News #9- 2008 Jan 31

Highlights:...The M/V Braveheart continues across the Pacific, on schedule ... Good European signals heard on 160m during the crossing ... Operators preparing to leave home ... Today's background information: geographical balance.

News #8- 2008 Jan 23

Highlights:...WA6CDR arrives in New Zealand...Braveheart departs for Mangareva...Background information:...costs and cash flow...donors of US$100 or more, received by Feb 5, to be honored on QSL card...

News #7- 2008 Jan 20

Below is a message from Robin, WA6CDR (member of the VP6DX team) who is in Tauranga now and who will sail with Braveheart to Mangareva to meet the rest of the operators there. We hope you find the insight given useful. Enjoy!

News #6- 2008 Jan 13

Highlights:... Equipment arrives in New Zealand...WA6CDR to depart for New Zealand on Thursday...On-line QSL request explained...Background information: Ducie Island radio site design...

News #5- 2007 Dec 30

This will be the last update for this year. We apologise for not bringing out more news over the last weeks. This only had one reason.

News #4 - 2007 Oct 02

The team is still very busy preparing the equipment for a shipment in November. This is what changed or happened during the last weeks:

News #3 - 2007 Jun 27

The team was very busy "behind the scene" for the last weeks and the following things changed or happened:

News #2 - 2007 May 19

Carsten (DL6LAU) and Eric (K3NA) met in Dayton at the Hamvention to discuss more details about the operation from Ducie.

News #1 - 2007 Apr 15

Carsten, DL6LAU will lead a team of 13 highly experienced operators to operate from Ducie Island during February 2008.