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... Website additions ...
... Sponsors and LOTW updates ...
... QSL card status ...
... /MM-operations ...

1. Website addition: sound files

The vp6dx.com website has been expanded to include recordings of VP6DX made at locations around the world. To reach the list of recordings, please click on "Sounds" in the navigation bar.

We would like to receive additional recordings. If you have a recording of VP6DX, please send it to


and include the following information:

  • location where recording was made
  • date
  • time (start of recording) in UTC
  • band
  • description of equipment

Thank you!

2. Website addition: FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about QSLs, the on-line log, and other topics are now available on the vp6dx.com website. To reach the FAQ list, please click on "FAQ" in the navigation bar.

3. Sponsors and LOTW updates:

The list of sponsors on the website is updated about once a week. Similarly, LOTW confirmations for QSL requests are uploaded to the ARRL LOTW server about once a week. The most recent upload occurred at 2008 Apr 03 20:00z. As of that time 14,668 QSOs with 3,061 different stations were confirmed.

4. QSL cards:

We are completing the design of the QSL card. We expect direct-mail QSL cards to enter the postal system in late April.

At present the On-line QSL Request database holds requests for 53,602 contacts with 7,924 stations.

5. /MM-operations
Some of the team members were active as /mm onboard the Braveheart. Following members were active as /mm:
  • DL3DXX/mm
  • DL6FBL/mm
  • DL8LAS/mm
  • ES5TV/mm
  • N5IA/mm
  • SP3DOI/mm
  • SV1JG/mm
  • WA6CDR/mm

QSL cards should be obtained from the individual callsign owners.

Thank you for your interest in the VP6DX project.