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... Final days of expeditions ...
... Outline of teardown and departure schedule ...

The Ducie Island expedition has entered its final days of on-air operations.

DXers seeking contacts on 20 through 6m should focus their attentions on their most important goals between now and Feb 26 Tuesday 1430z. Low band contacts will be available in limited number until Feb 29 Thursday 1430z.

All plans are subject to revision if weather and sea conditions change. At present, the weather is fine (partly cloudy, hot at midday) and sea conditions are reasonable. Any degradation in either may result in earlier reductions of on-air operations or an earlier departure.

Assuming the weather and sea conditions continue to cooperate, VP6DX will continue on-air at full staffing levels until Feb 26 Tuesday 1430z, shortly after local sunrise. The team will spend the day disassembling some antennas (primarily 20-10m), one radio station, and some related infrastructure. This material will be packed and transfered to the M/V Braveheart. On Tuesday night, it will be stowed securely for the sea transit.

Around sunset that day, VP6DX will return on-air for limited nighttime operations. The start time depends on how well the day's work progressed... and the number of stations on-air will depend on conditions and operator enthusiasm after a long day of hard work. As many as six stations could be on-air on 160-30m during this night (Feb 27 Wednesday 0300-1430z).

On Feb 27 Wednesday on-air operations will again stop. The team will again spend the daylight period disassembling the next portion of the station. At the end of Wednesday our entire camp will be packed and off the island. Most operators will spend the night on the M/V Braveheart, helping to secure materials on the ship for the sea transit. We plan to leave only a skeleton crew (3-4 persons) for nighttime operations. That night (Feb 28 Thursday 0300-1430z) as many as three stations could be on-air on 160m-30m. One beverage may remain for this final night.

Just before dawn on Feb 28 Thursday the team will come ashore for final disassembly and packing. The last operating site will be packed, the remaining four antennas taken down, and a final check of the island for trash, etc made. We intend to have all material stowed on the ship by Feb 28 Thu 2000z, to weigh anchor, and depart Ducie.