Home :: News :: News #15 - 2008 Feb 14 Here are the first words from the island via Iridium:

Operations began Feb 11/0500z with a little "cooking session" to check out the stations and available antennas. After several days of hard work, it was relaxing to make some QSOs. With another big construction day ahead on Feb 12, the cooking session ended at 11/0930z. The cooking session worked 1034 QSOs.

Continuous operations began Feb 12/0300z. Over 10,000 QSOs (excluding the cooking session) were logged in the first 16 hours. First day total was 17026 raw QSOs (unduped). Peak clock hour rate was 1069 QSOs (seven stations).

QSO #20,000 was worked at Feb 13/0618z. QSO #30,000 was worked at Feb 13/2313z. Reduced operations occurred during daylight as more antennas were completed. The second day's total was 14,301 raw QSOs.

Two short breaks in operations occurred this evening around 14/0400-0500z to allow the M/V Braveheart to receive weather fax. Depending on the position of the ship, some of our transmitters can interfere with the fax receiver.

Online Log

The Online Log is now available! It could happen that not all QSOs are in the database because of difficulties in transferring the data from the island to the server.

There is a small bug in the online log script which sometimes shows not all bands in the table. We are working on that problem.


Please have a look at the frequency table at http://ducie2008.dl1mgb.com/operating/frequencies/index.php. We adjusted some frequencies. Regarding split operation please always listen carefully what the operator says.