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... Operators traveling ...
... Braveheart arrives at Mangareva Atoll ...
... Need information from Europe about 3784 kHz ...

By now, all operators have left their homes. Many will be on a flight from Los Angeles to Papeete, Tahiti at Feb 4/0025z.

Both Eric K3NA and Carsten DL6LAU left their homes after a night without sleep, working on last minute projects. And we suspect other operators were similarly hard pressed to complete essential tasks at home (or the office) before leaving their weeping spouse, children and pets grieving alone for the next five weeks. (OK, maybe we are exaggerating a little bit.)

Meanwhile, M/V Braveheart reached Mangareva Atoll on Saturday.

3784 kHz in Europe:

Attention European DXers: We received notice that the planned VP6DX 75m SSB transmit frequency (3784 kHz) might be occupied by a commercial RTTY station. Please give your feedback if 3784 kHz LSB is clear (or not) between 0200z and local European sunrise. If not clear, what is the closest frequency that avoids the QRM? (Note: VP6DX has special notch filters adjusted for 3784 kHz for the 80m CW receiver, so we want to move the minimum distance.)

Please report through the VP6DX website's "Contact us" link: http://ducie2008.dl1mgb.com/contactus/index.php

Thank you for your kind assistance.

We would be delighted if DX editors would publish this information bulletin as widely as possible and DXers bring it to the attention of their clubs and fellow DXers.