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We are planning to set up 7 stations on Ducie Island. Most (if not all) will have a KW amplifier.

We are not planning to operate on 60m and on 2m and above! Also there will probably no SSTV operation and no EME on 6m, thanks for your understanding.

Band Antenna
160m 26m tall vertical (if we get too bored, we might set up a second one ;-))
80m Two 4-Squares (we plan to be on SSB and CW at the same time)
40m Two 4-Squares
30m 4-Square
20m Vertical Dipol Array
17m Vertical Dipol Array
15m Vertical Dipol Array
12m Vertical Dipol Array
10m Vertical Dipol Array
6m 5ele Yagi

2 Element Vertical Dipol Array
Example of a 2 Element Vertical Dipol Array used at VP6DX